Welcome! Here I talk about mundane stuff, art, music, and sometimes politics, mostly way shorter than contents on the main site (also I translate song lyrics as a hobby).

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RRC 2023.6.1 My last one year and a half
RRC 2023.5.30 The Time I Nearly Got Scammed by the China Merchant Bank
2023.4.22 Goodbye Punpun is one hell of a manga series
2023.3.22 Addicted to Anger
2023.3.10 Autigender is not valid
2023.3.9 "The End of Xah Lee" and ADHD
2023.3.7 About that one wizard game
2023.1.24 Spotify introduced me to The Mars Volta and I'm grateful for it
2023.1.18 How to Prepare Tea, Teochew Style (As I Remembered It)
2023.1.15 The Days When I Had (What I Think Is) COVID