How to Prepare Tea, Teochew Style (As I Remembered It)

My father side of the family was from Swatow and as a result of that I became an avid tea drinker (and developed caffeine tolerance) at a very young age... I had my fair share of knowledge of how common Teochew people brew tea with a tea set when there are guests over and there are at least 3 person for tea. This is how my father does it as I remembered.

What tea leaves should I use?

I never really thought about that; in our family if it's tea it's good for brewing. Ti Kuan Yin is a staple, but you can just use any tea you like. (Tea leaves, not teabags. Teabags sounds absolutely sacrilegious when using a tea set, but if you have no other choices, go ahead, wouldn't want to keep you from enjoying the process...)

The process