Spotify introduced me to The Mars Volta and I'm grateful for it

I used to use a streaming service called Xiami, but that's long gone now (RIP)[1]; I switched to Netease Music after that and it's inferior in every way (especially its recommendation algorithm and how they don't consider seamless transition between tracks a necessity; these people either know too well about Mainland Chinese listeners or still lives in pre-LP days). I had nice experience with Spotify, it introduces me to a few bands I didn't know before and really enjoyed, so one day I thought okay even if I have to use special means to coax it into streaming music for me I'm gonna try using Spotify from now on.

And on October 4, 2022, Spotify recommended me Goliath by The Mars Volta. I was immediately hooked, just like I was immediately hooked on Mansun a few years ago. Now today I listened their debut album (which is a concept album) and enjoyed the full length of it, just like how I enjoyed the full length of Mansun's debut album (which is also a concept album) a few years ago; this obviously means Pitchfork, which rated the album 4.9 out of 10, is nothing but a shitshow of a website where only deaf people with shit taste got to rate music. Their newest album (in 2022), while also good, is nothing like what they have done before, and to be honest I can't say I'm not at least a little bit disappointed...

If you like progressive rock and you still haven't, go give The Mars Volta a try, really.

Also, fuck you and your shit reviews Brent DiCrescenzo.

[1]: I learned about noise music on Xiami too. Quite an experience when all of your classmates are into Mandarin pop and boy bands while you're chilling in your corner with your Keiji Haino and Acid Mothers Temple and High Rise and other fun stuff.